Contribution of Dr. Anil Kumar in Various Positions

(A) State Project Administrator – Head of the Sate of Uttar Pradesh of TEQIP-IIII (A World Bank Assisted Project under MHRD, GoI) (Level higher than Professor/Registrar of the Central University) (From 26 June 2018 till date)

Academic Management / Technical Education Domain:

  • Technical Education Management – planning, execution, review and monitoring in line with the national Level Performance Benchmarks set by World Bank and MHRD, GoI for the Technical Education under TEQIP-III
  • Quality Improvement of the technical education in Uttar Pradesh - World Bank Project Quality in Technical Education (TEQIP - III)
  • Quality and Equity
  • Accreditation, Examination Reforms and Outcome Based Education
  • Governance, Autonomy and Excellence in education, Accreditation, Credit transfer and Mobility
  • Employability and Skill, Development
  • Planning and  executing action plan for the Capacity building of Trainers in the field of Future Skills- taking it to down the level for massive skill development in digital model.
  • Digital Teaching - Learning, Testing, Assessment and Examination, Cloud based LMS etc
  • Entrepreneurship and innovations, twinning programmers and collaborative research
  • Environmental Management Framework
  • Green Campus Initiatives

B - As Deputy Director General and Secretary and Director General - I/C (Level Professor/Registrar of the Central University ( from 19 April 2011 to 25 June 2018)

  • Top Level Academic and General Administration ( Headquarters at Kolkata and 121 State and Local Centres and Chapters abroad, Various For a and organs – Engineering Staff College of India Hyderabad; National Design and Research Forum Bengaluru; Sustainable Development Form Patna; Water Management Form; Rural Development Forum Ahmadabad)
  • Policy, Strategic Planning, International Affairs, MOUs, Agreements
  • Promoting Engineering studies in formal mode and engineering profession with Environmental Engineering and sustainability as key component, Capacity building in the filed of Environmental management and disaster mitigation
  • Publication of various technical journals including one on Environmental Engineering
  • Networking with various government and non government bodies.
  • International Professional Certification and dealing with IPEA and IEA
  • International relations and promotion of engineering profession and Indian view point

C - As Deputy Director AICTE Delhi and Regional Officer of AICTE Kolkata (29 October, 1998 to 02 January 2002):

  • Planning, co-ordination, monitoring and management of Technical Education at National Level
  • Technical Manpower planning, Career Development of teachers
  • Autonomy of technical Institutions, Managing R & D projects, continuing education
  • Accreditation and Quality assurance in Technical education
  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation – prepared basic framework for Accreditation and India joining the Washington Accord – Invitee/Signatory status
  • Making Environmental engineering mandatory subjects for all discipline of engineering studies at B. Tech. level.

D - As in-charge of the Civil Engineering Department (Superintending Engineer/Sr Divisional Engineer) (from 27 September, 2007 to 12 April, 2011) in Damodar Valley Corporation:-

As Head of Civil Department:

  • Responsible for all the power house Civil works like construction and maintenance, zero water discharge, Dry Fly Ash System etc, Ash Management.
  • Project planning, scheduling, monitoring, resource allocation, project accounting, and control from the concept to the commissioning stage including quality control
  • Coordinating with various agencies (internal & external) and ensuring all compliances for project development.
  • Finalization on Project Contracts, Contract Management and ensuring adherence to Project Contracts
  • Responsible for regulatory compliance, CSR and Legal issues
  • Ensure the overall compliance related to contractors and sub-contractors. Liaison and networking with various government agencies (state & central) for smooth implementation of the project.
  • Adhere with the mandatory compliances as per project structure like Health, Safety and Environment, Quality Standards and Internal & External Audit Compliances
  • Ensuring various activities resulting in high productivity levels of the team through various initiatives(Training, Rewards & Recognition, Team Building).

As Head of Environmental Management & Pollution Control:

  • looking after all aspects of Environmental Management & Pollution Control activities of the thermal power plant such as Water and Air Quality analysis, monitoring and modeling
  • Ash Evacuation, Land Reclamation, Social Development
  • Statutory Compliance and the action related to further environmental improvement.
  • Co-ordination. networking and liasoning with regulatory authority like MoEF, CPCB, JSPCB, Forest Dept on all the issues related to environment
  • EIA Studies for Balpahari Dam (Proposed project) in DVC and many other such dam projects.etc.
  • Administration, budget, financial management of both the civil and environmental departments etc.

E - As Senior Divisional Engineer/Executive Engineer (Faculty of the Corporate Training Centre at Chandrapura) ( January 2002 to September 2007):

  • Development and design of courses for the Induction level training for newly recruited     graduate engineers and short term training modules for the senior level engineers in the field of Environmental  Planning, Monitoring, Management & pollution control, Environmental Impact Assessment, EMS/ISO:14000/14001, Watershed Management and Water Resource Management
  • Planning co-ordination of training, seminars, workshops etc.
  • Training needs assessment of training for graduate engineers, operatives and existing engineers and employees of the organization.
  • Networking with IITs, XLRI , ASCI, IIMs for collaborative training programmes for the engineers and manager of the DVC
  • Administration related to the training institute, training hostel, labour relations, budget control etc.

F - As Executive Engineer/Assistant Engineer/GET (29 November 1984 to 28 October 1998):

  • Environmental Studies , Planning and Management.
  • Hydrological Studies of Water Resource Projects, River Basin Planning and Management, River training Works
  • Watershed management , Catchments treatment, and soil Conservation Practices.
  • Planning, Design., and Construction of Major civil engineering projects at Mejia Thermal Power Station
  • Civil Work in Power house such as construction of water treatment plants, , machine foundations, reservoir construction works etc.
  • Sewage system planning of the master plan of Maithon township
  • Feasibility studies of Damodar Diversion projects.
  • Feasibility study of Balpahari Dam.
  • Administration and management of labour relations, inquiry assignment, etc. for more than 12 years.