Professional Training

Training Attended / Conducted

  • Ferrocement Technology University of Roorkee.
  • Machine Foundation University of Roorkee.
  • Thermal Power Pollution and Pollution Control Power Engineering Training Institute ( PETs), Nagpur.
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Modeling Institute of Hydraulic Engineers ( IHE), Delfth, Netherlands &
  • National Institute of Hydrology ( NIH), Roorkee.
  • Environment Impack Assessment ( EIA) of Water Resources Project Central Water commission , New Delhi.
  • Departmental Enquiry National Institute of personnel Management ( NIPM), Calcutta.
  • Vigilance Approach in Execution of engineering Works Damodar valley Corporation , Maithon.
  • Environmental Management system:ISO 14000/14001( Long tenure Distance Learning )
  • Computer Application by Nation Infomatics center at AICTE, New Delhi.
  • Training for Trainers at PMI, NTPC, Noida
  • Use of Computers by STG at DVC Training Institute
  • Environment Management & Auditing from ASCI, Hderabad
  • Yoga and Stress Management at DVC Training Institute
  • ICRA ACCREDITED QMS LEAD Auditor Course from IIQM,Jaipur.
  • Managing Training Functions by XLRI, Jamshedpur
  • Strategic Management from IIT Roorkee
  • Conflict Management by IITRoorkee
  • Training of Trainers from IIT Roorkee
  • Environment Auditing & Management by TERI, Delhi
  • Done EMS ISO 14001 Lead Auditor Course from DNV
  • Indo German Conclave organized by ASSOCHAM at Kolkata on 14th May, 2014
  • 2nd WASA Summit by NBA at Delhi in 2014

Trainings, workshops, seminars at national and Internation level as well as FDPS conducted during last one year

Sr. No. Workshop/Events From To
1 Workshop on “Digital Intervention for Accreditation and enhancing of knowledge, skill & employability” 18-10-2019 18-10-2019
2 “Summit Connect” jointly organized by SPIU Uttar Pradesh and SPIU Karnataka 5-11-2019 10-11-2019
3 Workshop on “Goods and Consultancy Procurement as per the World Bank Guidelines” 17-12-2019 18-12-2019
4 workshop on “NBA Accreditation and Outcome based Education” jointly organized by SPIU-UP and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University at AKTU Noida Campus 27-01-2020 31-01-2020
5 Workshop on Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment 18-02-2020 18-02-2020
6 Workshop on Problem based and Project based Learning 18-02-2020 18-02-2020
7 Workshop on Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment 20-02-2020 20-02-2020
8 Workshop on Problem based and Project based Learning 20-02-2020 20-02-2020
9 Workshop on Gender Sensitization and Women Empowerment 22-02-2020 22-02-2020
10 Workshop on Problem based and Project based Learning 22-02-2020 22-02-2020
11 Workshop on Micro-review of program preparedness for NBA Accreditation 05-03-2020
12 02 days National Seminar on Significant role of education through social distancing during lockdown of covid-19 pandemic 08-04-2020 09-04-2020
13 National Seminar on “Virtual Labs : A reality for degree level institutions under institutions under TEQIP-III” 16-04-2020
14 National Webinar on “Unlocking the lockdown through E-examinations” 20-04-2020
15 Online workshop on audit practices-issues and its remedial measures 29-04-2020
16 One day Workshop on “Virtual Teaching Learning with Google Classroom, Google Meet and YouTube" 18-05-2020
17 online workshop on
“Interactive Teaching and Experiential Learning using MATLAB and Simulink”
18 Webinar on Mental Well being and Emotional wellness of students during Corona19 Pandemic crisis with BIET Jhansi 05-06-2020
19 National Webinar on Outcome Based Education with AKTU 10-06-2020
20 National Webinar on NBA accreditation- Assurance of Quality in Technical Education with AKTU 11-06-2020
21 Webinar on Effective Decision Making Tools During and Beyond COVID-19 with BIET Jhansi 12-06-2020
23 Knowledge Transfer Series on System Scaling with IET BU Jhansi 12-06-2020
24 National Webinar on “Role of Technologies in Rural Areas for Skill Development, Livelihood for Atmnirbhar Bharat” with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan AKTU and IEI 16-06-2020
25 Knowledge Transfer Series on System Architechture with IET BU Jhansi 17-06-2020
26 Webinar on Yoga  and Inner Transformation Workshop with BIET Jhansi 21-06-2020 to 23-06-2020
27 International Webinar on Creating opportunities in the face of Adversities
With RKGIT Ghaziabad
02 July 2020
28 Webinar on Advancements in Antenna Simulation with TaraNG:19.1 under Atmanirbhar Series with BIET Jhansi 03 July 2020
29 National Webinar on GeM 07 July 2020
30 International Webinar on Recent trends in Telecommunications and association  with RKGIT, Ghaziabad 09 July 2020
32 Webinar on Role of Technological Institutions for Atmanirbhar Bharat 09 Jul 2020
33 Webinar on Ancient Indian Science and Technology with NITTR, Kolkata 13 July 2020
34 International Webinar on Cyber Security with RKGIT Ghaziabad 16 July 2020
36 Technical Intervetions using Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare. 16 July 2020
37 National Webinar on “Ancient Indian Knowledge and its relevance to Higher Education today”
With The Institution of Engineers (India), Institute of Engineers and Technology, Dr.RML Avadh University Ayodhya, Prajna Parishad(Prajna Pravah Braj).
21 July 2020
38 Five day Online Workshop on “Artificial intelligence theory and applications” with KNIT Sultanpur 25-29 July 2020
39 Webinar on MSP430 Micro controller and project designing  With Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology (Jhansi) 25 July 2020
40 National Webinar on Atmanirbhar Bharat : Environment Sustainability with NITTTR Kolkata 16 August 2020
41 E-Summit on online learning for Atmanirbhar Bharat. 25 August 2020
42 E-Summit on online examinations for Atmanirbhar Bharat with The Institution of Engineers (India). 26 August 2020
43  Webinar on Economic Issues and challenges for Atmanirbhar Bharat 07 September 2020
44 Workshop on Machine Learning and its applications using Python
With REC Azamgarh under knowledge transfer series
14-18 September 2020
45 Training on Water Resource and Climatic change  17-21 September 2020
46 Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Mechanical Engineering
With REC Azamgarh under knowledge transfer series
22-26 September 2020
47 Green Campus initiatives 18 September 2020
48 Webinar on “Skill Development and Placement” 22 September 2020
49 National Seminar (Web) on Advances in Machining with NITTTR Kolkata under Knowledge Transfer Series 26 September 2020
50 National Webinar on "Placement of Young Engineering Graduates/Students – Need of Internship 28 September 2020
51 Transformations in electronics and Communication Engineering
With BIET Jhansi under knowledge transfer series
3 October 2020
52 FDP on Electromagnetics to 5G
With BIET Jhansi under knowledge transfer series
8-12 October 2020 (5 days)
53 Transformations in Mechanical Engineering
With BIET Jhansi under knowledge transfer series
10 October 2020
54 Entrepreneur,  innovation and incubation with RKGIT Ghaziabad 15 October 2020
55 Transformations in Electrical Engineering  with BIET Jhansi under knowledge transfer series 17 October 2020
56 Transformations in Civil Engineering  (Water Resource Engineering) under knowledge transfer series 24October 2020