My Vision

To contribute to the nation (Bharat) through technical education, skill development, sustainable growth ensuring humanistic environment based on Integral Humanism keeping Bharat at the core of entire activities and thinking process

Defined Objectives, Perspective Plan & Future Road Map


  1. To ensure sustainable education system where equity, access and quality are addressed
  2. Making India Atamnirbhar in higher education particularity in Technical education with special focus on skill and employability
  3. To promote professional bodies like Institution of Engineers(India) to realign their activities towards skill education in line with National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). Designing credit based courses in modular mode for easy migration from skill education to higher education and vice-versa


5 year short term plan, 10 year and 20 year plan to be framed to achieve re-alignment of the entire education system with NEP-2020 ensuring pro-active participation of professional bodies like Institution of Engineers (India) to make India hub of high skill manpower contributing to national GDP making India global super power


Re-alignment of administrative structure in line with NEP-2020 to make Indian education accessible to all making India hub of higher education, skill development, research & development, entrepreneurship & innovation by 2030. To integrate professional bodies and make them the partner of the government to achieve the above objective as per the road map.